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Candy Pork

I was trying to remember when we renamed Chinese Barbecue Pork. In my memory, it is connected to a trip Megan took to the Pacific Northwest when she was a teenager, about a decade ago. Something about eating freshly grilled … Continue reading

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Grilled Corn Salad with Tomatoes

OK, Let’s play a little word association game! I’m a psychologist, we love these sorts of games. Oh, come on, don’t be shy. I promise I won’t analyze your answer. Ready? Say the first two words that come into your … Continue reading

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Summer Lentil Salad

It’s been a busy, eventful and challenging couple of weeks here in the construction site in the woods. Our kitchen renovation continues. The painter was scheduled, so I had to hurry and do my job: puttying and finishing all the … Continue reading

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Veggie Chili

My Sweet Husband, Thank you for the beautiful picture you took on your run this morning. Warwick is dazzling; I love the changing landscape. It makes it really hard to think about the possibility of moving to California if you … Continue reading

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The other night at dinner (on the deck, finally!), Bob, Brian and I were discussing whether or not the president is likely to send troops back into Iraq. The men had some intelligent things to say about this; I never … Continue reading

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