Cranberry Sauce Variations





Happy Holidays!!! I know you’re busy, so no chatting today. Let’s get down to the reason we’re all here, to get new ideas for delicious things to eat. There is no time that is more important than now, right?

I feel it is important to eat cranberry sauce whenever possible, especially around holiday time. Cranberry sauce is an amazing resource. Make one, two, or all three of these variations and you will have a wealth of culinary options heretofore unimagined. Unexpected guests? No problem, you have cranberry sauce! Feeling peckish? Read on!

So, without further delay, I’m going to give you the recipe(s). And then, I will provide 25+ ideas for what to do with your Cranberry Sauce. As Brian used to say, “Don’t say I never gave you anything”!






Cranberry Sauce Variations

Vary the amount of sugar depending on how sweet you like your cran sauce; if you like it tart, use the lower amount. You can’t really get away with less than ¾ cup unless you like it flat out sour.


Makes about 2 cups.

1 12 oz. bag cranberries, fresh or frozen
¾ to 1 cup sugar (you may use brown or white; I like organic cane)
¾ cup water
pinch salt

Rinse the cranberries and pick them over, throwing away any that are funky looking or soft. Place all ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to boil over high heat. Adjust heat to a spirited simmer and stir occasionally until the cranberries start to pop. Cook for another 5 minutes or so. Don’t worry, the sauce will be very runny at this point, but it will set up as it cools. Serve as is or make one or both of the variations.

I love warm cranberry sauce, and it’s also great cold or room temp. Make sure you chill it in the fridge within two hours of making it and it will keep, refrigerated, for up to two weeks. You can freeze it indefinitely.


Add the juice and zest of an orange and ¼ cup sesame seeds. If you like a stronger sesame flavor, drizzle in a smidge of toasted sesame oil; be careful, it is very strongly flavored.


Add the zest and juice of a lime and 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger.

The Ideas

25 ideas for how to use your cranberry sauce (you may use any of the three variations here):

-spread on top of a wheel of Brie, sprinkle with sliced almonds and bake until cheese is soft
-layer with Greek yogurt and granola for a beautiful parfait
-top a cheesecake
-use as a base for a barbecue sauce; add ketchup, vinegar, worcestershire, and soy sauce
-layer in a wrap with sliced turkey and swiss
-mix with mayo for the prettiest condiment ever; good for sandwiches, roasted veggies, fries, fritters, Crispy Chicken, Zucchini Fries, or latkes
-make a smoothie with yogurt and honey
-use to top your overnight oats or oatmeal
-topping for pancakes or waffles
-swirl into a pound cake or muffin batter.
-serve with baked pork chops (see picture)
-top an English muffin with goat cheese and cran sauce (see picture)
-use as a base for salad dressing; add mustard, oil and vinegar
-mix into chicken or turkey salad
-serve with sautéed duck breast
-mix with chia seeds to make cranberry chia jam
-top a panna cotta
-spread Mindfulness Bread with cream cheese and cran sauce
-add to cheddar and good bread for the best grilled cheese ever
-mix with mustard for a sweet/sour/sharp condiment for a sandwich or burger
-mix with sour cream and hot sauce for a chip dip
-mix with sriracha and/or mayo for a sauce to serve with grilled meat or poultry
-bake some chicken parts in a mixture of cran sauce and sliced onion or shallot
-make a frozen cranberry daiquiri-blend with rum and lime
-serve with swedish meatballs (see picture)





I bet these ideas will give you some of your own. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Bob, Megan, Brian and I wish you and your family all the best during this holiday season!!




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  1. Great ideas. All look delicious! 🙂


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